Book a vacation at Hotel Forer in Ladis.

Our advantages for direct bookers

  • relaxed cancellation conditions
  • attractive holiday offers, you will receive the ski pass when booking the package at the reception desk
  • flexible arrival days
  • more categories than on booking platforms
  • Goodwill and flexibility in case of cancellations
  • no credit card charge in advance - your personal data is protected!
  • showerfacilities in the wellness area on day of departure
  • here you can make a direct booking with our reception team


Step into your vacation home where alpine lifestyle meets cozy ambiance.

Sustainability, an important topic in our time!
.....avoid, reduce, compensate.....

  • Guests can choose not to have their rooms cleaned daily
  • Guests can use towels more than once
  • no mini plastic bottles for guest shampoo
  • no mini plastic bottles for guest shower baths
  • concept for waste and organic waste avoidance is available
  • garbage is already separated in the house
  • own recycling cab is employed on site
  • compostable drinking straws
  • Solar system for hot water
  • WC flushes with water-saving "dual flush" function
  • shower heads with water saving function
  • Energy saving measures (electricity, etc) are implemented in the house
  • Rental of e-mountain bikes (in summer - subject to charge)
  • E-charging station for E-vehicles (chargeable)
  • Products from local producers and suppliers

.....and how do I implement sustainability
and mindfulness for myself?

  • What do I need for myself and my well-being?
  • What is important to me? What is the "here and now" - without judgment?
  • How do I deal with my environment and my fellow human beings?
  • What promotes patience with myself and other people?
  • Where do I find my center and what gives me my "inner peace"?
  • What does the expression "less is more" mean to me?
  • Do I have a countercurrent to stress and distraction in everyday life?
  • What stabilizes my psyche ... and sharpens my senses?
  • Can I consciously perceive and properly experience the present moment?
  • What if I put the cell phone aside from time to time and practice "cell phone fasting"?
  • How about a little time out from social media?
  • ... and how good is a conversation with a loved one?

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