Our highlight for your holiday

Apiary – tranquillity and power of Swiss stone pine

This special place of rest in our hotel was modelled on a bee house, also known as an "Apiary". It is fully dedicated to the local Swiss stone pine, which deservedly bears the nickname "Queen of the Alps". This is a true power plant of Tyrol, which thrives between 1,300 m and 2,800 m above sea level. It is an extremely resilient plant, powerful and healing in aura and effect. Swiss stone pine has a positive effect on the ability of a person to cope with stress and recover, creating a measurable sense of well-being and noticeably restful sleep.  Deep relaxation lowers the heart rate – the fragrant calming effect of Swiss stone pine saves you up to 3,500 heartbeats, the equivalent of one hour of "heart work", per day.

Make yourself comfortable and have a good rest! Take in a deep breath and boost your inner self and immune system with an air current of propolis (bee resin) and beeswax. 

More detailed information about the bee products can be found in our apiary or you can ask our trusty beekeeper Sepp!

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