Relaxed bathing in the Vitalis steam bath ...

... this is no ordinary bath in water with a blend of added ingredients whose effect is virtually intolerable, instead it is a patented, technically complex steam bed and a ritual for your health.

The Vitalis bathing cycle is based on many years of experience and comprises the classic elements that guarantee deep relaxation and effective result from the ingredients used. You float in special small molecular steam and relax luxuriously. Here are some brief details of how the 'bath' of your choice works.

Procedure and information:

  • alternating footbath and tea to stimulate the kidneys
  • knee pouring
  • lie cocooned in a warm cotton towel
  • pleasant 'free rest' on a sort of hammock for 15 minutes
  • finely tuned blasts of steam warm your body
  • your skin absorbs the ingredients though your opened pores
  • shower in clear water
  • followed by rest in the rustic hay bed or in the relaxation area

The choice is yours

Ladis Hay Bath45 mins | € 46,-

"An old tradition is back in fashion". The gently heated Alpine meadow hay alleviates pain, relaxes, tightens the skin and stimulates the circulation. This bath is particularly effective for arthritic and rheumatic complaints.

Tyrolean stone oil bath45 mins | € 46,-

This fossil distillate extracted from oil shale is used to treat aching muscles, tensions, rheumatic pains and joint problems. This health bath also activates all the body's detoxifying organs such as the liver, spleen and intestines.

Forer's Milk and Honey bath45 mins | € 46,-

Organic milk and the finest Tyrolean mountain meadow honey create a precious blend that will remove dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. As the same time, the body's own film of oil, which provides a protective layer for the skin, is completely regenerated.

Alpicare® - Alpenfango & Dwarf Pine Bath Detox45 mins | € 48,-

A 'wellness must' for lovers of Alpine tradition Wellness-Muss". The dwarf pine has an unmistakeable Alpine scent and in combination with natural and fine-grained sediments it promotes detoxification via the skin and has an invigorating and strengthening effect to form the basis of beautiful and healthy skin.

Alpicare® - Arnica & St John's Wort Bath45 mins | € 48,-

Regenerate and feel active! Feel the stimulating power of sunflowers. Strengthen your muscles and joints and release tensions with arnica and St. John's Wort.

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