Embark in trained hands!

Our new wellness offers for you ...

Singing bowl massage

50 min | € 62,-

Relax, let go, feel the sound ...
Our innermost is being touched by the sound of the bowl, the chakras should be harmonized and positively influenced.

Herbal massage – our 3E-Treatment

50 mins | € 67,-

Relaxation - Purification - Detoxification.
High-quality herbs and oils activate the self-healing powers and pleasant scents flatter the senses. The warmth relaxes tension and a pleasant well-being spreads.

Nuat Thai Massage                                                                                      50 min | € 65,-

The energy lines of our body are activated through gentle stretches and rhythmic pressure.

Shiatsu Behandlung                                                                                    50 min | € 65,-

A special body treatment, which brings the energy flow into harmony
and activates the self-healing powers.

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